Dusk to Sunset Engagement Session in Los Angeles

This stunning dusk to sunset engagement session in Los Angeles beautifully captured couple Ashley and Alvin and the natural beauty of California.

Our engagement session felt like our wedding day…

Ashley (Bride)

Ashley’s gorgeous, head-turning, red ballgown perfectly stood out against the natural rocks and neutral tones of the California landscape.

Capturing our love in the natural rocks and mountains while having the beauty of California skies was the goal.

Ashley (Bride)

They can’t wait to share their wedding day with those that matter to them most and give their guests the most amazing and memorable experience!

See the beautiful details below!

Ashley and Alvin’s engagement session was featured in the Summer 2021 issue of MunaLuchi Bride Magazine! View the digital magazine here.

  • Couple: Ashley and Alvin
  • Occupations: Executive Vice President of No Limit Enterprise / Assistant Regional Property Manager
  • Wedding date: 10/2/2021
  • Wedding location: New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Location of Engagement Shoot: Los Angeles, California

How did you meet?

Alvin, better known as Juggie is someone everyone in our hometown knows for his illustrious career. Luckily, Alvin started broadcasting from a car dealership at the time I needed a car. I reached out to Alvin and he made it happen without flaw.

Tell us your proposal story

Our proposal story was unexpected for both of us. Yes, I said, for the both of us. It was a bedside proposal during this unbelievable COVID-19 pandemic in a time of true uncertainty. Alvin had my mother on speaker and recorded the proposal for our close family & friends to view.

When did you know they were “the one”?

I knew Alvin was “the one” when I decided to move from our hometown to Los Angeles, California just to be closer to him. I quit my job and started co-parenting after traveling religiously every two weeks for a year just to spend weekends together. That was never enough for either of us. We are better together mentally, physically, and spiritually as ONE.

Describe your engagement session?

Our engagement session felt like our wedding day. It was beyond what I could have asked for. I had the absolute best team ever. We flew in our photographer and established a team that was made just for us. Alvin and I are true Scorpios and have a love for California. With that being said, capturing our love in the natural rocks and mountains while having the beauty of California skies was the goal.

What did you do on your first date?

Our first date was to the movies. Alvin is a cinephile at heart, so we look forward to just about every movie release there is.

What’s your favorite thing to do as a couple?

As a couple, we enjoy traveling just to relax and enjoy the scenery briefly because we actually end up enjoying each other more than anything in front of a tv watching a good flick.

How has wedding planning been so far?

Wedding planning so far has been comparable to the feeling of arriving at a traffic light. It’s a multitude of feelings from taking off, yielding, and stopping literally. Luckily, we have an amazing wedding planner to take on the stress of it all.

What are you looking forward to most on your wedding day?

On our wedding day, I am looking forward to a complete production. We want to twist the traditional wedding experience into a completely fulfilling experience for everyone. Our goal is to truly experience love, laughter, and happiness through live entertainment. This day will be the best experience anyone can remember that happened in 2021.


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