The Landlord Law Possession Proceedings Training Day on 28 September 2021

Possession Proceedings Training DayBringing court proceedings to evict a tenant is generally the very last thing a landlord wants to do.

The aim of most landlords is to have long term tenants living in the property for many years.  However, sometimes the grim necessity to evict a tenant will occur:

  • You may need to recover vacant possession of the property in order to live in it yourself, or
  • To sell it
  • Your tenant may have stopped paying rent, or
  • They might be causing problems due to their anti-social behaviour

You may be able to resolve the problem of non-payment of rent, by helping them apply for grant aid, or your tenants may start behaving themselves if they think it will mean losing their home.

However, there will inevitably be some situations where you will have no alternative but to go to the Courts.  For example, sometimes your tenants themselves will beg you to do this as it will help them obtain Council housing.

Help for Landlords

Many landlords who decide to evict, do it themselves, usually because (due to tenant non-payment of rent) they can’t afford to use solicitors.

However, although eviction proceedings are at the ‘easy end’ of the litigation scale of difficulty – it is easy to make mistakes.  But:

  • Making a mistake this can set your claim back for months
  • You may even find that you have to start again, and
  • If you are really unlucky, you may be ordered to pay your tenants legal costs of the wasted proceedings.

So in order to help landlords get things right, we are running a Possession Proceedings Training day on 28 September 2021.  This is

  • An online event – so you don’t need to travel
  • The main speakers are

    • Solicitor David Smith and
    • Housing Barrister (and part-time Deputy District Judge) Robert Brown

  • It is a one-day event with six talks on possession proceedings procedure and
  • The day will end with a one hour Q&A session for you to put YOUR questions
  • All the talks will be recorded and you will get access to the recordings until the end of the year – great for staff training!

It should be a really good day, and useful even if you don’t want to evict your tenants.  The cost is £228 or £240 if you want CPD (inclusive of VAT).  There is an automatic 20% discount for Landlord Law members.

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