TikTok viewers respond to tattooist’s first ever inking begging her to stop

A rookie tattooist has gone viral after posting her first attempt at inking another person – with viewers begging her not do another.

Amateur artist Sam, @ descendantofsalemwitches, aspires to be a professional tattooist, however it seems she still has a lot of learning to do.

According to the Mirror, she recently finished her first tattoo on a real-life person, filming the process and uploading the video to Tiktok, with her post having received over five million views.

Unfortunately there are some unkind comments, with many saying she should find another profession – or at least practice more before tattooing a friend.

In the video, Sam unveils the tattoo which is a minimalist outline of a woman’s face with a rose over one eye, which was inked onto a red-haired woman’s back.

Captioning the video, Sam wrote: “I have to say it’s not bad for my first time tattooing on someone other than myself. I was nervous.”

But it appears that other TikTok users didn’t agree with her, as many were not impressed.

Sam said she was nervous but felt the tattoo came out quite well.
Sam said she was nervous but felt the tattoo came out quite well.

One wrote: “Did you do it blindfolded while jumping on a trampoline?”

And another said: “Why do something so massive for your first time?”

“You gotta start from somewhere, but bro”, added a third user. “You should’ve practised more. It is bad and that’s just a fact.”

And another user had creative feedback, and wrote: “Sausage fingers, wonky everything, bad line quality, lashes are – ooft. Please don’t tell me that’s an infinity symbol, oh Lord.”

Sam then replied asking if the user had anything else to say, to which they wrote: “Yeah, do not tattoo anyone until you’re actually ready.”

In the clip, Sam reveals her artwork by wiping her client’s back with a paper towel – but that angered TikTok viewers too as people noticed she wasn’t wearing protective gloves.

One user said: “If you actually want a future in tattooing, take this down. No decent tattoo shop would hire someone blatantly ignoring biohazard safety like this.”

And another commented: “No gloves? Did you close your eyes during the bloodborne pathogens training?”

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