Alter Ego premiere live – Grimes slammed as ‘annoying’ for saying Loverboy has ‘big Fortnite energy’ & eliminating Kai


He’s been singing “oh, about 478 years,” says over-the-top werewolf alter ego Wolfgang Champagne.

Matthew Lord is a truck driver who felt his life “winding down,” but decided to use Alter Ego to “wind it back up.”

“I look like a big sausage,” said Matthew in his motion capture suit.

He took the judges by surprise with a stunning Italian version of My Heart Will Go On.

“Wolfie is clearly a favorite in the room, in the audience,” said Alanis. However, she chose to keep Safara in the top spot.

“I still give the nod to Safara,” Nick agreed.

“That was the best art I’ve seen tonight,” Grimes said. “I’m going to vote for Wolfie.”

“You’re my favorite person,” said “Your outfit looks like you robbed everybody from Game of Thrones.”

But if he had to imagine what a next-generation superstar would sing like, Will said, he would still choose Safara.

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