Fresh Look, Same Smooth Process

Adam Scepaniak   09.23.21

Fresh Look, Same Smooth Process – NEW Silencer Central Website

If you are wanting to pick up your 1st silencer or 10th there are more retailers than ever that are selling them because of the growing popularity and acceptance throughout the US. The only Achilles heel to buying a silencer is the paperwork process, but if you work with Silencer Central they have streamlined everything to an art. Simply find the right silencer for your needs, let Silencer Central handle all of the paperwork, and enjoy your silencer being delivered to your front door – it’s that simple.

Silencer Central Coverage on AllOutdoor

Silencer Central has FREE shipping to all 42 silencer-legal states plus they will give you a FREE NFA Gun Trust with the purchase of your silencer. On top of that, they have renovated their website to make it fresh, clean, and easier than ever to navigate. To celebrate this, they are giving away a rifle and silencer which is explained in greater detail below:

“To celebrate our new look, Silencer Central is giving away an IC-A5 rifle from LWRC International, designed with a low profile, two position adjustable gas block allowing shooters to compensate for running a suppressor. To complete the package, we’re throwing in a titanium alloy Banish 30 suppressor, exclusively from Silencer Central.”

Silencers are authentically wonderful tools to help mitigate recoil, reduce noise, and make for a significantly more pleasurable shooting experience. If you haven’t purchased a silencer before now might be the time to give it a shot with all of these new updates on their website, a streamlined process, and the opportunity to win a FREE silencer and rifle package. As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below and if you have ever purchased a silencer before! We always appreciate your feedback.


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