Gifts for YOUR parents who have everything (and can buy what they want)

Do you need meaningful gift ideas for your parents? Finding gifts for parents who have it all can be tricky, but we’re here to help.

Do you ever feel stumped when looking for gifts for YOUR parents (and gifts for your kids’ grandparents, who already have everything that they want and need? Whether you’re looking for Christmas gifts for parents, birthday gifts for mom or dad, or anniversary gifts for parents, we’re going to share our favorite ideas!

Gifts for parents - Meaningful gifts for YOUR PARENTS and kids grandparents

It’s so hard because you know that they can order whatever they want online or just pick it up at the store (so if they WANTED something, they probably HAVE it already). 

They’ve created and maintained the home they want. It feels like there’s NOTHING to give them! That’s when you have to get creative and buy (or make) truly meaningful gifts.   

My Favorite Meaningful Gift for Parents. 

Christmas gifts for YOUR parents who already have everything 1

I can remember talking to my mom when I said, “I think I’m going to write a post about gifts for Grandparents because it’s hard when I know that you already have everything you want. “

My mom said, “Oh, Yes.  I can remember thinking about it when you were little, too, with my parents. It’s hard because we just run to the store to get whatever it is that we need. We don’t need to wait for Christmas or special occasions. If we are out shopping and like something, we can buy it.”

So, instead of just writing about “Gifts for Grandparents,” or “Gifts for Parents,” you’ll find ideas and links on this page for “Gifts for Parents and Grandparents who already have it all.” 🙂

It can be hard to think of gifts for your parents or your gifts for in-laws.
I know, because every year I try to think of ideas for gifts for them.

Christmas gifts for YOUR parents who already have everything 1

Our mom and dad (both my husbands and my own) are so kind and generous with their gift-giving with our children, Mickey and myself, especially during the holiday season.  
I love to find meaningful gifts to give them in return (not an instant pot or a pressure cooker!).

The problem/question is this: They Already Have It!

What do you buy for your children’s grandparents (your parents and in-laws) who already have everything that they want, and can afford to buy whatever they don’t have?

What do parents love? This situation is one that takes some creative thinking.

I love to try to find gifts that are special and personal to that specific person.

My mom is an excellent example in that area. She has always been so great at finding the perfect gift for everyone. I also know that I want our kids to be involved in helping me pick out the perfect gift for their grandparents. It’s a tough one, but one that I am going to help you with today.

Today I am narrowing it down to my top favorite gifts, with affiliate links to find the products online.  These are meaningful, thoughtful gifts for parents and grandparents who already have everything that they want, and can afford to buy everything that they need.

I love the quote “My favorite blessings call me ____” so I had a pillow made that said, “My favorite blessings call me Gi.” I found someone on Etsy to make it for me, and I asked her to include all of the names of her six grandchildren.

It turned out to be adorable, and I loved that I was able to find a neutral pattern and color. Of course, you can change the color or find a pattern/style/font that would match their decor.

(This is the one that we ordered for my mom AKA: “Gi” to the kids).

personalized pillow for grandma

I also love pillows that have little quotes or sayings that would make someone smile. We have this pillow, and I love it. I ordered it on Etsy last year. I couldn’t find the exact pillow anymore, but I did find a few similar ones on Etsy.

Meaningful Gifts for your parents

Personalized Pillows are a great gift because they’re not seasonal so that they can be left out all year round. When they look at it, they will know that someone else is thinking about them.

2). Calendars

PHOTO CALENDAR: I know that the idea of a photo calendar isn’t a new idea, and perhaps not as creative as other gifts, but they are the perfect gift. In my mind, they show the gift recipient that you took the time to find the perfect photos.

Photo calendars can be personalized to the month by changing out the picture, and you can also add in different events that occur throughout the year, like a birthday or just a special day.
You can even add in little messages on certain days, like “Have a great day today!” or “We love you!”

INSTAGRAM CALENDAR: I’ve even seen calendars like the Instagram calendar that uses images right from your Instagram page. It’s an adorable option!

HANDPRINT CALENDAR: Another precious idea is to have your children create a calendar using their handprint. When our kids were in preschool, they made a calendar for our Christmas gift.

They made different creations for each month, so for example: In July, they made a flag with their hand. In December, they made a reindeer with their foot. (You can find all sorts of ideas online!)

A few years ago, our kids made an adorable apron with their handprints. We used a black apron, and the handprints were with white paint (to look like flour).

When they were done, I wrote everyone’s name with a permanent paint pen, below their handprint. It was adorable!

The apron would be so cute if it went with a personalized cutting board. I’ve seen cutting boards like this on Etsy and a few other websites online. You could have one that says something like: “Best Grandparents in the World!” or even their last name. You can personalize it with anything!

Photo Cutting Board

Last year for Christmas, my sister-in-law ordered the most adorable doormat. It was a personalized doormat that had beautiful stones on it to look like it was taken straight from the stream.   At the top of the doormat, it said  “MY FAMILY ROCKS” and on each of the pebbles, it has the names of the kids and grandkids.  It’s so creative. 

Here are a few other doormats that I thought were adorable, like this one: There’s No Place Like Grandma’s! 

There's no place

I like this one that says: “Grandkids Always Welcome… Parents by appointment, only” is a sweet & funny message, too. 


Or a simple doormat like the one below) with the last name is cute, too! 

personalized doormat

I have seen photo mugs, but never a photo chili bowl. I think it’s just the best idea. I also found photo soup bowls.

Photo Chili Bowl

This would be so cute with a homemade jar of potato soup that they can make in their bowl. You could even make a photo album (or make it a tech gift by giving them a digital frame).

To make this a complete gift, I think I would also include a blanket.

chunky knit throw handmade

You could even splurge and get one of these giant chunky knit throws. I don’t have one, but they are just beautiful!

Family of Oranges photo_ Minted Family Tree

I love gifts like this and the Family Tree picture by Minted is a great way to display the family lineage. It is classic and beautiful at the same time.   The colors are perfect and I love that it has the names of family members. Find more information here.

A recipe with one of the grandparents’ favorite recipes, written on this adorable custom tea towel, is a wonderful gift.

Meaningful Gifts for your parents

This handwritten recipe towel is a gift that I know would be so thoughtful, kind, and meaningful. It doesn’t get much better than a memory of someone cooking your favorite meal… and seeing their handwriting while you’re remaking it at home.


Give it with a mixing bowl and ingredients to assemble the recipe. You can even have it copied AS-IS (instead of turning the background white) and see it printed right onto the towel, background & all… like this one.

If they are world travelers, a scratch map is perfect. They start with a neutral map and every time they go somewhere, they scratch off that location to reveal a colorful spot below. You can choose to have a map of the entire world…

Scratch Map

Or, if they prefer to stay in a specific country, find just that country. I love the way that this United States map looks when it is completely scratched off.

Scratch Map united states

I love this gift idea because it lets them document their travels and remember that you cared enough to think about them every time that they scratch off a new adventure!

This handmade clock is such a classic idea – it is traditional and will always look nice.

Personalized Oak Clock

You can have a name, a special date, or a special quote like “It’s always LAKE time” on the clock. This would be perfect for an anniversary gift for parents, too!

10). Personalized Wooden Birthday Calendar

If you have time to make a personalized gift, this Birthday Calendar is perfect!  We made this for my parents a few years ago & they have it hanging in their living room. 

DIY wooden birthday sign

It’s filled with the names of family and friends.  My parents loved it and we loved knowing that we were making a gift that was practical and meaningful.   If you don’t have the time to hand-make this, you can order one from Etsy here. 

11). Handprint Art

I love these custom handprint art ideas!  These prints are perfect because you can choose any colors that you want, you have a lasting memory, and they are so special!  You can order them from Etsy like this one… 

gift for parents

Or this one… 

gift for parents

Or you can even make your own as we did for my mom’s birthday.   We had all of my parents’ grandkids add their handprints (our four kids, my niece, and my nephew).   

handprint gift for parents

1). Let each handprint dry before adding the next color. 
2).  Use a blowdryer to speed up the process. 
3). Add their names on the pinky finger 🙂 

12). Tea Party

Another idea that I wanted to include… a tea party. 
A charming idea would be to find something special for your child and their grandparents to do together.

Perhaps you can get tickets for them to go to see a play together, or buy a gift certificate to have lunch somewhere fancy, like a tea house on one of their luncheon days (Call a few local places to inquire about special events.)

tea party - grandparent gift idea

This is an especially nice holiday gift. Who doesn’t love a beautiful tea during Christmas?

We have several cottage-style stores or old southern plantation style houses nearby that have become event venues. They will host tea parties and other events around the holidays.

You purchase tickets ahead of time, and they reserve your table for two (or more). It is always fun and creates wonderful memories. My mom and I have done this several times.

I hope these gift ideas helped!

I hope this helped you to get some ideas together for Christmas, birthdays, or any other reason to give a gift. 🙂

Don’t look past fun gifts like a subscription box or even an annual subscription to your favorite streaming apps (so they can watch their favorite TV shows – they don’t have to have a smart home with a smart TV… you can always include a ROKU or FIRESTICK with the gift).

Remember… above all – experiences matter more, so make it special. 🙂

More Gift Ideas…

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