Martin Lewis tells every energy customer across the UK to do this one thing right now

Money-saving expert Martin Lewis has issued “a big warning” to every energy bill payer across the country, even if they are with one of the Big Six energy firms which at the moment show no signs of being in danger of collapse despite the rocketing global price of wholesale gas.

Much of the UK’s electricity supply is powered by gas, so it affects everyone with an estimated 15 million homes across the country facing an annual increase to energy bills of £139 starting from October 1 and the Money Saving Expert is predicting further price hikes next April.

Nearly 1.5 million customers have been hit in just two weeks by energy firms collapsing under these soaring prices.

Six energy firms have gone bust in the last two weeks – Avro, Green Supplier Limited (not Green Energy UK), People’s Energy, Utility Point, PFP and MoneyPlus.

Martin explained to viewers on his Money Show Live TV show, who may be worried if they are with one of those energy firms: “The most important thing to say is your supply will remain on, you will not be disconnected.”

He continued: “The regulator, Ofgem, will automatically arrange for you to be moved to a new firm and your credit is protected.”

Martin added that of the six energy firms that have collapsed, People’s Energy, PFP and MoneyPlus customers have already been moved to British Gas, while Utility Point customers have been moved to EDF.

Ofgem is moving quickly and a new supplier for Avro and Green is expected soon.

However, Martin had an urgent warning for everyone that you should not ignore and do immediately.

He said: “There is a big warning I have for every energy customer out there, even the Big Six, although it’s probably less relevant there, this is what I want you to do and I want you to do it soon.

“If you can, log into your energy firms’ site and take a screengrab of how much credit you have got and what your bill is.”

He continued: “The reason for that is when a company goes bust they take the website offline so you won’t have a record anymore and that could be difficult if you want to keep records of your past credit.

The UK’s Big Six energy firms

  • British Gas – the largest energy company in the UK
  • Scottish Power
  • EDF Energy
  • E.ON
  • npower
  • SSE

Martin added that some experts are predicting a further 25 energy firms will go under, affecting millions of customers.

He said: “There may only be ten or less energy firms left if the wholesale gas rate doesn’t drop soon.”

The consumer champion advises everyone to take a screengrab every week while we are still in the midst of the energy crisis.

You can catch up with the latest episode of The Martin Lewis Money Show Live on the STV Player.

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