Top 15 Engagement Rings for $100000

If you have a $100,000 budget for purchasing the perfect engagement ring, you can select high-quality, luxurious, rare diamonds and gemstones that will leave your bride speechless. When spending that amount of money, you want to ensure you’re buying a ring that’s worth it. 

That’s why we’ve compiled the top 15 engagement rings for $100000. This guide will assist you in narrowing down your search and help you find the perfect one. 

The Bel-Air Ring

Price: $85,000. Learn more about the Bel-Air Ring.

This ring features a large diamond and a thin band that breaths elegance and sophistication. The center stone is a 4.00-carat diamond that looks transparent thanks to its rose cut. A hidden halo of smaller diamonds surrounds the gallery, and the same diamonds are found along the shoulders, covering the visible part of the band. 

The Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring 

Price: $88,000. Learn more about the Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring

$88,000 Diamond Engagement Ring on finger

The center diamond is a round, brilliant-cut diamond weighing 5.09 carats. Due to the four-pronged head, the diamonds look even larger. A baguette-cut diamond adorns each shoulder and connects the center stone to the platinum band. The band doesn’t have any details or engravings, so all the attention remains on the three beautiful diamonds. 

The Garland Ring

Price: $90,000. Learn more about the Garland Ring

A true example of the Art Deco era, this ring features a large, 6.03-carat, old European-cut diamond. The under-gallery features shapes resembling a crown with old European-cut diamonds embedded. Identical diamonds embellish the shoulders and add their own touch to the sophistication of this 1930 ring. The Garland ring looks great on wider fingers due to its size. 

The Boudry Ring 

Price: $95,000. Learn more about the Boudry Ring.

This is another astonishing ring crafted during the Art Deco era. It features a perfectly round, old European-cut diamond that weighs around 4.89 carats. Two discreet, baguette-cut diamonds adorn each shoulder, leaving the spotlight on the beautiful center stone. The ring is platinum, and it was hand-crafted around 1920. 

The Olean Ring 

Engagement Rings for $100000 Olean Ring Finger

Price: $95,000. Learn more about the Olean Ring.

The ring was hand-crafted around 1930, and it still looks impressive. It centers around a rare, Asscher-cut diamond weighing 4.56 carats, set in a four-pronged head. The smaller diamonds along the shoulders further emphasize its beauty. The center stone’s sparkle will dazzle your bride. 

The Dutchess Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring for $95,000 R19J854

Price: $95,000. Learn more about the Dutchess Ring

This antique ring is representative of the late Art Deco era and was crafted around 1930. It revolves around a large cushion-cut diamond weighing 5.01 carats, with two baguette-cut diamonds on the shoulders that add to its beauty. Due to their specific position and angle, the shoulders look transparent. 

The Wilmot Ring

Price: $95,000. Learn more about the Wilmot Ring.

The details on this platinum ring make it impressive and distinctive. The center stone is an antique, cushion-cut diamond that weighs around 6.66 carats. Small diamonds surround the under-gallery, creating a hidden halo and emphasizing the interesting patterns. The same diamonds and delicate milgrain adorn the shoulders. 

The Bergon Ring

Price: $96,000. Learn more about the Bergon Ring

This three-stone ring is anything but ordinary. A beautiful, completely colorless (D grade) rose-cut diamond weighing 3.11 carats plays the main role. The triangle-shaped side stones are equally impressive and weigh around 0.75 carats each. Smaller diamonds surround the gallery of each stone and cover the visible part of the band. 

The Wicklow Ring 

Price: $96,000. Learn more about the Wicklow Ring

A stunning combination of diamonds and 18k white gold is featured in this ring. The center diamond is an emerald-cut, 3.07-carat diamond with the highest grade in color. A baguette-cut diamond adorns each shoulder and emphasizes the center stone’s transparency and sparkle. 

The Asscher Cut Ring

Price: $105,000. Learn more about the Asscher Cut Ring

This is another hand-crafted platinum ring with a three-stone setting. Two nearly colorless, trapezoid-shaped diamonds are on the sides and complement the center stone, a beautiful, Asscher-cut diamond. It weighs 4.20 carats and is also nearly colorless. Due to its compact size and shape, it looks good on both narrow and wider fingers. 

The Sapri Ring 

Price: $108,000. Learn more about the Sapri Ring

Nothing says distinctive and special like the Sapri ring. The center stone is a very rare, fancy light pink, marquise-cut diamond. It weighs 1.02 carats, and its natural and even color is emphasized by its 18k rose gold setting, while the rest of the ring is platinum. A halo of small diamonds with fine milgrain follows the shape of the center stone, further emphasizing its color and creating contrast. 

The Marbury Ring

Price: $110,000. Learn more about the Marbury Ring

All three diamonds featured in this ring are cushion-cut, and they reflect the light perfectly, creating a transparent effect. The center stone weighs 3.53, while the side stones weigh 0.96 and 0.93 carats. The bottom of each stone is surrounded by small diamonds, which also adorn the shoulders and cover the whole upper shank. 

The Turin Ring

Turin engagement Rings for $100000 on Hand

Price: $112,000. Learn more about the Turin Ring

This ring features a nearly colorless, 3.05-carat cushion-cut diamond. The two side stones that weigh 1.15 and 1.20 carats complement the center diamond. With no space between the stones, they form a whole that covers a large surface. A subtle halo hides underneath each diamond, making the ring sparkly and interesting to look at from every angle. Small diamonds decorate the shoulders, thus contributing to the elegant and luxurious style of this ring. 

The Hillcrest Ring

Price: $120,000. Learn more about the Hillcrest Ring

Rubies symbolize love, loyalty, wisdom, and wealth. Hence, it’s no wonder that a natural ruby is the center stone of this luxurious engagement ring. The heated, cushion-cut ruby weighs impressive 12.98 carats and originates from Burma. Two shield-cut diamonds on the shoulders emphasize the ruby’s size and color. 

The Cushion Cluster Ring

Price: $128,000. Learn more about the Cushion Cluster Ring

This Edwardian flower-shaped ring features an impressive, cushion-cut diamond weighing 8.29 carats. Twelve diamonds surround the center stone, creating a lavish halo that adds to the ring’s extravagant style. Platinum supports the diamonds, while the rest of the ring is 18k yellow gold. Everything about this ring breathes luxury, elegance, and sparkle. 

Get Your Bride the Ring She’ll Fall in Love With 

Buying an engagement ring with a $100,000 budget may seem easy, but a wide range of beautiful, high-end diamonds and gemstones proves otherwise. We hope our selection of top 30 engagement rings for $100,000 helped you on your quest and that you’ve narrowed down your choices or maybe even found the perfect one. 

If you have questions regarding any of the rings from our collection, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

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