Milk and Honey Themed Luxury Wedding in Coral Gables, Florida

Lovely Joubert and Jakenson Derosier’s sumptuous ceremony was the winter luxury wedding that we have been waiting for.

When the couple met in the summer of 2018,  they knew that it was divine providence that brought them together. Throughout a long-distance courtship, they both looked forward to a beautiful forever. 

Lovely, who was success-driven, never had marriage as her priority and by choice led a life of singleness without distraction. With Jakenson, his plans suddenly changed on his birthday which caused him to travel to his cousin’s wedding in Florida. Unbeknownst to them, the time had finally come at that specific wedding for their paths to cross at the perfect time. “God molded me into a beautiful flower and prepared me to be a wonderful wife,” Lovely shares.

Their nuptials set in the heart of Coral Gables, Florida took place at the Hotel Colonnade which also hosted the couple’s reception within the hotel’s neoclassical marble-filled rotunda. The Milk and Honey theme of the wedding was reflected in all aspects of the ceremony from the attire of the bridal party and groomsmen to the reception. Adorned in a bespoke handmade headpiece that went beautifully with her bridal gown the bride and the wedding ceremony itself was the picture of enormous glamour. Lovely and Jakenson’s euphoric celebration with family and friends spoke to us all to wait on perfect timing with hope-filled hearts. 

For more incredible pictures from their luxurious day scroll through the photo gallery below.

Lovely and Jakenson’s wedding was featured in the Summer 2021 issue of MunaLuchi Bride Magazine! View the digital magazine here.

  • Couple: Lovely and Jakensen
  • Ocupations: Bride(Teacher/ Entrepreneur) Groom( Real Estate Investor)
  • Wedding Date: 2/14/2021
  • Wedding Location: Hotel Collonade
  • Wedding Style: Milk and Honey

How did you meet?

GROOM: So here I am on my birthday weekend, May 2018. I was supposed to be on the beach, in Coney Island, In New York. To me Coney Island was my ideal birthday destination, suddenly my plans changed, however, and I ended up in Florida. God knew what was best for me that weekend, and it surely wasn’t the beach lol. Arriving at the reception of my cousin’s wedding,

In came this light skin beauty queen speaking in perfect creole and English, all while flowing in perfect French.. I was mind blown, I decided I needed all of that in my life lol.
Long story short, after the reception I didn’t have the courage to get her digits but I got her Snapchat name though! The rest…is history lol.

BRIDE: marriage was never my priority in life. I have always been success driven. Thus, I was single for a very long time by choice. I did not want any distractions, by the age of 24 I accomplished much more than I anticipated by the grace of Jesus Christ. When I turned 26, I was serious about finding a GODLY husband, but God was not ready for me lol. He said, you made me wait so I’ll make you wait smh lol. He molded me into a beautiful flower and prepared me to be a wonderful wife. Once He was done preparing me, He granted me the most wonderful gift. My handsome, tall, God-fearing, driven, intelligent, caring, sweet but radical human.

Now how we met is the question. I was invited to host my friend’s wedding. My sister asked to do my makeup and hair. Guys, if you know my sister, you’ll know that this is very rare. I always have to beg her lol to do my makeup. However, on that day she did not only did my makeup but my hair as well lol. I asked myself, is she feeling ok? What’s going on? She probably had a sister’s intuition. When I got to the wedding, while in a cocktail hour in the lobby, I saw a tall handsome man approaching my table. My heart skipped a beat, I knew right at that moment that He had something special. I was too nervous to talk to him so I gave him a mean mug the entire time. That was just a defense mechanism lol. I was super shy at the table, GUYS LOVELY IS NEVER SHY. I could not even talk lol. He thought I was mute(frekan) lol. I proceeded to go inside of the reception room. I guess He was blown away by my ability to finally talk lol. After the wedding, He approached me and asked me for my Snapchat. He then came back to Florida a month later. I was impressed by how spiritual He was. That’s what attracted me to him because I am very reserved and spiritual as well. We became boyfriend and girlfriend and the rest was history.

Tell us about the proposal

My fiance proposed to me on Thanksgiving of 2019 in front of my entire family. My proposal was so intimate and so special. It was one of the Best days of my life.

What was the wedding shopping experience like for you?

 The shopping experience was extremely hard due to Covid 19. I was under a lot of stress. Thankfully I had my family by my side and I chose the perfect gown fit for a princess.

What gifts did you give to your bridesmaids?

 I gave my bridesmaids the earrings that they wore for the wedding.

Ceremony entrance song:

Faithful is our God by Ezekiel Walker

Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding?

 Yes I did, my dad is a pastor and I am a firm believer of Jesus Christ so I had a very powerful, spirit-filled and anointed 30 minutes worship at our wedding ceremony.

What is your best memory from your wedding?

I don’t know where do start. I enjoyed seeing my husband so happy. I’ve never seen him more happy in my life. I think that was the highlight of the night. Also my parents were really happy for me.

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples?

Enjoy the night because it will go by so fast. And also do what makes you happy.

First dance song

Forever Ain’t Enough – J.Holiday


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