Screen Time Kids Recommendations For Parents: Digital Screens & Gadgets

How much screen time for kids? Let’s face it. The conversation around family screen time has changed. Now more than ever, kids AND parents are finding time spent on digital devices a necessary part of their lives for work, school and play.

Whatever the age of your child, it’s complicated and parents everywhere are equally busy deciding between what’s a perfect scenario for their kids and themselves. Sometimes it’s nice when your kids are engrossed by YouTube, giving parents a chance to do their own thing.

But, if you desire a well-balanced family, it’s going to take a little more work, time and effort. YouTube can’t do it all for you, and we’re sure you don’t want tech to babysit your kids, from toddlers to teens.

Together, we’ll get to specifics further down in this helpful family screen time guide. Spending time with family is really what Dr. Bob’s book, The Well-Balanced Family: Reduce Screen Time and Increase Family Fun, Fitness and Connectedness, is all about: learning to create and enjoy quality experiences with loved ones, identifying and participating in rewarding (and fun!) family activities and communication enjoy spending family time with each other; and finding positive ways to counter boredom.

What’s that going to look like, The New Normal? With hard work and dedication, it could end up being better than The Old Normal, and The Well-Balanced Family could be looked at as a survival manual for the Coronavirus crisis and life in general. Learn coping skills, organizational practices, design and kick off a fitness routine, and/or make the most of family meal times.

It takes focus to prepare children for a better life in the near and far future, so maybe consider making family meetings part of daily life, rather than an occasional tool to deal with random flare-ups, or even super-weighty issues.

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