Lightning tracker live: Thunderstorms hit UK as torrential rain causes chaos | Weather | News

Peak wind maps produced by WXCharts show a deep area of red and purple brewing to the west of the UK over the next 24 hours.

The stormy conditions are set to continue over the weekend before wind speeds peak at 70mph (113kmph) at midnight on Sunday, October 3, according to the maps.

The low-pressure weather system will also set bring heavy rainfall throughout the UK this week.

Western parts of Scotland, Wales and north-west England are expected to be the wettest areas.

Some areas will experience up to 25mm of rain a day, most likely in eastern Scotland and eastern England, and more widely Britons can expect between 10-15mm of rainfall.

On Wednesday, north-west England and south-west Scotland could see up to 30mm in just 12 hours.

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