Housing Possession Duty Desk – a practical guide by Simon Mullings and Sue James

The Housing Possession Duty DeskThis book is primarily aimed at duty advisors and aims to inform the reader about the various different possession proceedings within the court system.

Duty advisers, for those unfamiliar, are legal advisors & solicitors available at times when court possession proceedings are being heard. Both landlords & tenants can use them and their main roles are to give advice and represent the parties (normally the tenants). Many courts have a duty advice service but not all.

Although aimed specifically at duty advisors, this book will also be a useful tool for anyone intent on increasing their knowledge of eviction proceedings and how the court system works.  For example, landlords & members of local authorities looking to brush up on their own knowledge on the current law.

The book also discusses the significant impact covid has had on legal proceedings.

As the preface points out, Legal Aid is now rare in possession cases, meaning that landlords and tenants will often be representing themselves. If this is you – this book is an ideal guide, as in addition to guidance on standard cases it also has information on defences & counterclaims and the appeal process.

Be aware though that this book is primarily intended for duty advisors and lawyers and does read like it – with legal jargon and abbreviations which can confuse the more casual reader. It focuses heavily on legislation, regulations and government guidance so if you are not a lawyer you may sometimes find it confusing. However, it is arguably better to get to a grip on the legal terminology – which is likely to be found within the courtroom – before the day of a hearing and in an informative guide such as this!

If you are looking for a simple eviction guide, his book is perhaps too complex.  However, for landlords, and indeed anyone looking to increase their knowledge within this subject or who is heading towards possession proceedings in order to remove a tenant, this book offers a comprehensive guide to the entire process.

You can buy the book online at Amazon here, at the time of writing the price is £22.99 for a paperback or £21.84 for the Kindle Edition.

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