Jon Fishman to Join Trey Anastasio Band for Remainder of Fall Tour

Following the news of percussionist Russ Lawton and trumpeter Jen Hartswick coming down with COVID-19, Trey Anastasio Band has decided to forge ahead with the remainder of their fall tour, enlisting Jon Fishman to play drums.

“Starting tonight in Pittsburgh, Jon Fishman will join the Trey Anastasio Band for their remaining fall dates ending this Sunday at Radio City Music Hall,” reads a Sept. 29 statement. “We wish both Russ Lawton and Jennifer Hartswick a fast recovery. Thank you for your continued support.”

Lawton broke the news of his COVID status on Sept. 28, just hours before Anastasio’s show in Columbus, Ohio (out of caution, Anastasio went on to play the show solo acoustic).

Hartswick revealed her diagnosis on Sept. 25, leading the band to announce they would tour without horns for the remainder of their scheduled dates.

Not COVID-related, but saxophonist James Casey sat out this tour as well, after sharing his colon cancer diagnosis.

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