ScoMo’s sub deal cut Australia adrift in a turbulent political sea

Crikey readers are confused and concerned by the deals and agreements being made on land and under the sea.

(Image: AAP/Yonhap News Agency)

In the latest edition of Your Say, Crikey readers are bemused by the logistics and optics of the whole submarine affair, and concerned by the size and nature of the part Australia will play in the AUKUS pact. But global treaties and relationships have nothing on the reaction to ethicist Leslie Cannold’s take on the who and when of hospital treatment in the time of COVID...

Ute Mueller writes: The Coalition government under Morrison needed a boost before the next election after it got nearly everybody offside with its botched COVID vaccine procurement. To update our submarine program and tell the constituency what was good for the country seemed to be a winner. However, there are ways of doing things, and there are certainly other ways of deceiving others and making enemies. Our government chose the latter.

Instead of involving the country we had a binding substantial contract with in our change of mind and ruminations, we sent it a letter expressing our satisfaction about the deal and the progress of it18 months into the negotiations with another country about another deal, only to reveal the next day the successful outcome of those negotiations. That has nothing to do with diplomacy. It is outright deception and disrespect, if not absolute foolishness.

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