Crennwiick releases hypnotic new track ‘Nada Brahma’

Crennwiick releases hypnotic new track ‘Nada Brahma’

Crennwiick hails from Portugal and has been releasing music for nearly a decade. Currently, he releases music for Digital Diamonds and Techgnosis Records.  He is also a part of a duo in partnership with Floating Machine called Code Therapy. Crennwiick has graced the most respected clubs, parties, and festivals such as Lost Theory, Boom Festival, Europa, Music Box, Eka Palace as well at Germany’s trendies WYSIWYG, R19 and Hawerkamp.

‘Nada Brahma’ is the first track on his new LP ‘The Worlds Recreation‘ and has all the makings of a great track.  The hypnotic melody alongside a pumping bassline gives this track everything it needs and opens up a world of sonic possibilities.

When asked about the creation of ‘The Worlds Recreation’, Crennwiick stated,  “The World’s Recreation LP is a dream that came true and was made with all my soul. In the middle of 2020, we were in the first lockdown here in Portugal and the general thoughts and scenarios were not good.  I made recordings every morning at 9 am for 6 weeks from my window and I discovered new species of birds living in my neighbourhood. The lockdown shows there’s hope with less pollution, less noise, and all benefits to all species on planet earth… Maybe this was the last time we had a real opportunity to “do” a World’s Recreation.”

He also added the sweet significance of the track.  “After the episode, I describe above, I was dedicated only to choose the soundscape I want for the album, its identity. So, I´ve tried many different rhythms, melodies, sounds, structures and I pick up every instrument I’ve chosen to work, and only after that I started the creative processes. I “discovered” Nada Brahma in the 1st creative session of all. Nada Brahma in hindu means (more or less) – “In the beginning was sound” – and this is a new beginning, a World´s Recreation by sound (again).”

Listen to ‘Nada Brahma’ below:

Image Credit: Crennwiick Facebook

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