Landlord Law Blog Roundup from 15th February

Checking up on the latest on Landlord Law Blog

A look at all our posts from the past few weeks.

Monday 15th February

Seven things to watch out for with company lets

This was one in our series of free webinars by David Smith of JMW Solicitors

Wednesday 17th February

What are my rights as a landlord if there is no tenancy agreement?

A look into what can happen if when there is no tenancy agreement

Friday 19th February

Tessa Shepperson Newsround #183

More news items for you this week in my Newsround

Tuesday 23rd February

Five things landlords need to know about Rent Repayment Orders

Our free webinar with solicitor Robin Stewart of Anthony Gold

Thursday 25th February

Helping you to avoid penalties for incorrect prescribed information form signatures

Help for corporate landlords and agents with prescribed information signatures with our clause drafted by JMW Solicitors

Friday 26th February

Tessa Shepperson Newsround #184

The latest Newsround for what’s been happening in the housing news this week


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