John Barilaro says farewell, NSW, my job here is done…

And now John Barilaro. Another one bites the dust as thi state government shitshow just keeps on giving.

NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro
John Barilaro (Image: AAP/Dean Lewins)

“My job here is done” would have sufficed for John Barilaro’s resignation speech this morning.

He couldn’t even wait until Gladys Berejiklian officially vacates the premier’s seat tomorrow before joining the unedifying exodus from the shitshow that is the current New South Wales government.

I am certainly not suggesting that the Nationals leader and deputy premier was in anyway relishing his boss’ demise. Or that he was in any way part of  the white-anting, undermining, backstabbing, plotting, knifing or other untoward behaviour behind the scenes in the shitshow that is the current NSW government. (Or did I say that already?)

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