Landlord Law Blog Roundup from 18th January


A roundup of posts over the past few weeks.

Wednesday 20th January

Ten reliable tips to help you defeat the scammers

Some handy scammers tips for landlords and tenants

Friday 22nd January

Tessa Shepperson Newsround #179

While lockdown drags on there is no shortage of landlord and tenant news

Thursday 28th January

Letting agent fees: can landlords and agents charge more than £50 for a change of tenant?

A post from Robin Stewart of Anthony Gold

Friday 29th January

Tessa Shepperson Newsround #180

Another Friday and another Newsround

Monday 1st February

Landlord Lockdown Learning – Breathing Space Regulations

Join us for a series of free webinars to keep up to date with regulations

Tuesday 2nd January

Manual of Housing Law by Andrew Arden QC & Andrew Dymond – 11th Edition

My assistant Mark reviewed the latest edition of this book, see what he says about it and how you can buy your own copy

Friday 5th February

Tessa Shepperson Newsround #181

More lockdown housing news in this weeks Newsround

Monday 8th February

Five ways the pandemic has changed possession procedures at court

Barrister Robert Brown who is also a deputy district judge talks to Landlord Law about how eviction has changed during the pandemic

Tuesday 9th February

The law has NOT been changed to allow tenants to keep pets

A lot of questions are being asked about this, but there is no new pets law

Friday 12th February

Tessa Shepperson Newsround #182

My look into the weekly housing news for landlords and tenants


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