Dominic Perrottet bends his own COVID rules to breaking point

It should be reasonable to expect the man in charge of leading NSW through lockdown to at least know what the restrictions are — and comply with them.

(Image: Tom Red/Private Media)

Gotcha moments are generally tedious things, but being caught out breaching your own public health orders mid-COVID on your first day as state premier, then mounting a defence which is completely legally wrong is a bit more serious than mere tabloid embarrassment.

So it was that Dominic Perrottet gleefully posted a selfie to his Facebook page yesterday, mid-lunchtime run, with the Harbour Bridge behind him.

Problem: Perrottet lives in Beecroft, 24km from where he was exercising. The public health order, in place until next Monday, still applies a restriction on exercise to your own local government area, or 5km from your home.

Read more about Perrottet’s exercise regime…

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