Movie Week show TONIGHT as fans beg BBC for spoiler leaks to stop

Spoilers left, right and centre

STRICTLY Come Dancing fans have begged BBC bosses to come up with a way to stop spoilers from leaking online ahead of Sunday’s results show.

The results are pre-recorded after Saturday’s live show, and reveal which two acts landed in the bottom two – and who has gone home.

However, this does not air until the following evening, meaning that some viewers accidentally stumble across spoilers online due to leaks.

One wrote: “They really just need to get rid of Sunday night and do a longer live show on a Saturday……half the time some muppet on here will just spoil it all for everyone.”

Another agreed: “I don’t know why they bother pretending that they hold the results show on a Sunday, we already know who has left before it airs. Just seems pointless.”

A third pointed out: “They only started doing Sundays to rival the X Factor who did it – so now that X Factor isn’t on anymore can they put the results back on Saturday again?! #Strictly.”

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