Craig Kelly, Clive Palmer and Reignite Democracy Australia join forces

What could a growing anti-vaxx movement do with the resources of a mining magnate? The answer could mean disaster for public health.

Craig Kelly and Reignite Democracy Australia’s leader Monica Smit announcing her group’s support for Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party

Australia’s most active anti-vaccine group has joined forces with Clive Palmer and Craig Kelly’s United Australia Party (UAP) to campaign for the next federal election.

On Monday night, Reignite Democracy Australia leader Monica Smit announced during a live-streamed interview with Kelly that her group would be “joining” the UAP. She said they reserved the right to promote other parties too, but urged her followers to join and to run as UAP candidates. 

Smit is a committed conspiracy theorist with links to the Victorian Liberals, and was recently detained for three weeks after she refused to agree to bail conditions after being arrested for breaching COVID-19 health restrictions and inciting others to do so.

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