Northern lights tonight LIVE – Huge geomagnetic storm solar flare to hit Earth TODAY as aurora borealis sparks warnings

Are solar storms dangerous?

Typically not, and this is because we’re protected by the Earth’s blanket of atmosphere, according to EarthSky.

According to the site, solar storms occur when solar flares – intense bursts of radiation – are released from the sun and travel across space.

Lasting minutes to hours, solar storms emit a powerful coronal mass ejections, or CMEs, which are giant bubbles of gas and magnetic fields from the sun.

These contain up to a billion tons of charged particles and can travel up to several million miles per hour.

Solar storms can be dangerous in space and can cause radiation poisoning in humans and other mammals in the deep expanse, if they’re not in protected environments.

Large doses can be fatal.

They can also affect our technologies, causing a temporary disruption of power and communication grids.

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