Queensland marginal seats lead vaccine hesitancy

Some areas of regional Queensland have vaccination rates well below the national average — areas that may prove key in the coming election.

George Christensen (Image: Facebook)

After a sluggish start, Australia’s vaccination rollout is surging. With over 90% of the adult population in New South Wales and the ACT having had at least one dose, and Victoria moving at a rapid pace, we are on track to become one of the most vaccinated countries.

But there are still pockets, particularly in regional Queensland, where vaccination rates are lagging the national average. And many of the local government areas with the worst vaccination rates fall in marginal seats that will be key battlegrounds at the next election. 

The regional Queensland problem

Just 25% of the adult population in the region of Isaac is fully vaccinated. Only 40.8% have received a single dose. The LGA lies in the central Queensland seat of Capricornia, a blue-collar mining seat that, despite a huge swing to the Coalition in 2019, has always been a target for Labor. 

Want to know how anti-vaxxers could swing the election?

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