Has Hard Quiz’s Tom Gleeson met his match?

The Hard Quiz host went toe to toe with a winner whose specialty was… Ace Ventura?

(Image: ABC)

Did Hard Quiz (862,000 on the ABC) host Tom Gleeson meet his match last night in the winner whose specialty was Ace Ventura? Also on the ABC, Gruen returned with 943,000. The loyalists waited and tuned in. But it is a bit same old, same old. The show is like many of the ads it bags: same format, familiar cast, same old tricks.

Nine’s The Block (1.25 million) served up the same old stuff as well. Seven’s reunion of the cast of this series of SAS Australia drew 719,000. Wringing everything out of this weak performer.

Love Island scored 385,000 nationally after 369,000 the night before and 414,000 on Monday night. Nine knows your names.

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