How News Corp’s ‘best of both worlds’ status is normalised by the media

News Corp enjoys the dual status of a political party and a media organisation, with the power of one and the non-accountability of the other. And the rest of the mainstream media is complicit.

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(Image: AP/Josh Reynolds)

There are a couple of narratives being peddled about News Corp’s purported conversion to accepting climate science: one an amusingly blatant lie, and one that distracts from something far more sinister about the Murdochs’ 180-degree change of course.

The blatant lie, unsurprisingly, is from News Corp itself: its narrative is that it is rescuing climate policy from “extremism” on both sides and that the lack of climate action in Australia for so long is because of a failure across all parties, from the Greens through the major parties to One Nation. This narrative very obviously excludes or obscures that the two biggest perpetrators of the climate wars and the resulting policy mess are News Corp and the Coalition.

The other one is more interesting and to be found among “centrist” commentators and media observers. One veteran media observer claimed the shift showed the limits of News Corp’s power and that “it’s something to watch”. A veteran press gallery journalist (and former News Corp senior journalist) echoed the line that News Corp had been forced to change and declared it “a political development. It will have a political impact.”

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