Scotland Covid passports and how they will be enforced – Everything you need to know

Scotland’s vaccination certification scheme went live at the beginning of this monjt.

But enforcement of the new scheme was delayed to allow venues to prepare for the new requirements and checks.

Formal enforcement of Covidvaccine certification will begin on Monday – October 18.

All those under the age of 18 will be required to prove that they have been double jabbed in order to gain entry and if they don’t, enforcement could be taken.

There are of course some exemptions and not all venues will require certification.

Here is all we know about how the scheme will work and how it will be enforced.

What are venues required to do?

From Monday, numerous venues will be required to ask for proof of vaccination upon entry.

From nightclubs to stadiums, venues are required to develop a “compliance plan” explaining how they will carry out certification checks.

Checks must be carried out using a “reasonable and proportionate” system or owners and bosses could face a fine.

Venues may be visited by council officers who will be able to check the compliance plan – and in some cases step in to enforce it.

Officers will be required to enforce checks in a “proportionate, risk based manner”.

Is there a new law?

If vaccine certification checks are not carried out or a person refuses to show certification, it could be a criminal offence.

Operators of events will be committing an offence if they do not have some kind of checking system in place, and could face a fine.

However, there has not actually a new law passed in order to catch people trying to dodge vaccine passport checks.

Instead, if people are caught entering events without vaccine certification they could be committing an offence under the existing law if they present “falsified information”.

Where could you be asked for a vaccinate certificate?

Nightclubs, unseated indoor events with more than 500 in attendance, unseated outdoor events with more than 4,000 attendees as well as all events with more than 10,000 will be required to carry out checks from Monday.

The First Minister explained that the scheme will operate under a “common sense” approach.

The Scottish Government previously explained which venues will be classed as a nightclub for the purpose of the vaccine certification scheme.

A nightclub is defined as a venue open between midnight and 5am, serve alcohol after midnight, playing live or recorded music for dancing with a designated dancing area in use.

Who will be asked to provide proof of vaccination?

People over the age of 18 need to prove – if asked – that they have had been double jabbed before they are allowed entry to the venues explained above.

Those who are unable to get vaccination for reasons such as medical conditions will not need to be provide proof of two doses.

Employees working at venues will also be exempt from proving vaccination status, as well as those who took part or are taking part in vaccine trials.

Information on how to get your vaccine certification can be found on the NHS Inform website here.

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