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Meghan Markle has many similarities with Princess Diana regarding her experience inside the Royal Family, according to biographer Andrew Morton.

While speaking on TalkRadio with Julia Hartley-Brewer, he said both had gone through negative experiences at one point within the Royal Family.

Mr Morton said: “What I found very surprising is the parallels between Meghan Markle and Princess Diana.

“Parallels as children but also as humanitarians and also their early experiences in the Royal Family, inside the bizarre world of the Windsors.

“Princesa Diana was talking about being isolated and lonely, Meghan was talking about feeling like she was a prisoner in the palace.

“There are remarkable parallels there and even to the extent of the way that Princess Diana was a fairytale princess and within 18 months she was being described as a fiend and a monster.

“She was called the mouse that roared for sacking all the valets and private securities and the police bodyguards.

“We have a similar thing with Meghan Markle going from Duchess dazzling to Duchess difficult.”

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