Strong journalism aside, a dark and stormy night for tepid TV

A resonant piece of journalism on the ABC’s Foreign Correspondent was the only highlight of a wan night on television.

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You know TV is in a sad state when Thursday night’s thunderstorms turned out to be far more interesting than what the networks were offering — with the very honourable exception of the ABC’s  Foreign Correspondent and the fine work of reporter Anne Barker, that is. 

FC focused on the sad reunion of children, now adults, stolen from their Timor-Leste families by Indonesian soldiers and others decades ago. A great story with echoes of our Stolen Generations, it drew 429,000 viewers. Q+A, meanwhile, averaged 412,000 for a boring, sterile discussion on the usual suspects — no comparison.

If we’re talking quantity, it was Seven’s night due to the strong performance of the news from 6 to 7pm — 1.52 million average — and Home and Away (951.000) and then Home and Away late (935,000).

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