MPs should not be cowed by this attack, says Priti Patel

James Duddridge, the MP for Rochford and Southend East – a neighbouring constituency of Sir David’s – has weighed in on the importance of meeting constituents face-to-face (see 9.55am).

The news about Friday’s events is yet to fully sink in, Mr Duddridge told Sky News, and the last 24 hours have consisted largely of the “horrible logistics” surrounding the death.

“It feels like we’re going through a routine and it’s not happening to David and it’s not happening here in Southend,” he said. “He touched so many lives and in many ways was a benchmark MP in terms of his constituency work that we all aspire to.

“I think we should carry on [meeting constituents], it’s part of the job.  There is some basic security advice which I’m sure the Speaker of the House will remind all Members of Parliament to just get the basics right and be a little bit cautious.

“But there is no going to be change, massive changes, as a result of this because you can’t wrap up elected representatives in cotton wool. In order to do our job we need to be out and about in the community. So you can mitigate against some of those risks but there’ll be no wholesale change.”

Mr Duddridge added that he would pick up Sir David’s indefatigable campaign for Southend to become a city.

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