Australian politics live: Scott Morrison challenges Labor on 2050 targets, Victoria opens border to NSW | Australia news

We have all made it to hump day! An achievement no matter how you look at it, given how frustrating the weeks can be.

It’s still all climate, climate, climate in the parliament, as the Coalition tussles over a net zero target set 29 years into the future (think about how old you will be then, if you want to put it into perspective) while maintaining that there will be no changes to the fossil fuel industry.

It being Auspol, Scott Morrison is doing his absolute damndest to switch the debate back to Labor. So the government has a plan, but Labor, which has not yet released its policy, is going to cost you jobs, or so goes Morrison’s rhetoric, which really picked up steam during question time yesterday.

So that gives you a little taste of what the coming election campaign is going to be like. Also worth noting, Morrison is still trying to shrug off his own past words – presented with his own quotes, the PM just rejected the premise.

That’s another favoured tactic – you never have to apologise or reflectt.

Meanwhile, in place of saying anything of real value, the current deputy prime minister continues to rattle off every regional and rural town in Australia.

And while it is true that emissions reductions are going to lead to change in rural and regional industries (with many making changes already), the cost of inaction impacts EVERYONE.

Barnaby Joyce is setting it up as a binary choice between the regions and the cities, all but saying that there is no impact to people who live outside a regional or rural postcode.

So obviously he has no memory of just a couple of years ago when Sydney and Canberra were choking on bushfire smoke. Or when major floods swept through cities. Or the increase in storm activity. It’s not binary, is what I’m saying. It impacts us all.

We’ll keep you up to date on all of today’s doings, as well as what is happening elsewhere.

West Australian premier Mark McGowan has all but ruled out any border reopening to NSW and Victoria before the end of the year, saying he doesn’t want to impact the freedoms of people living Covid-free in his state.

Queensland is on a mass vaccination push, with 11 days for people to get vaccinated before the state begins its reopening (that is taking into account the lag between vaccinations and how long until you get antibodies).

And Victoria is about to hit is 80% target, which means more freedoms for people in Melbourne, who deserve all of the goodness given what they have been through.

You have Mike Bowers walking the halls, Amy Remeikis on the blog and Katharine Murphy, Sarah Martin, Paul Karp and Daniel Hurst in Canberra ready to explain it all.

It’s going to be a five-coffee day. I feel it in my cold black heart. Ready?

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