net zero attracts net self-righteousness

A noisy minority continues to hold the country to ransom and it’s time the federal government bit the climate bullet.

(Image: Private Media/Mitchell Squire)

We are seeing history repeat itself in the government. The same small group of climate deniers who killed off the National Energy Guarantee in Turnbull’s years are now holding Australia back from confronting what the great majority of Australians, and people across the planet, see as our biggest existential threat: climate change.

The NEG was welcomed by nearly all industry and community groups including the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia, Business Council of Australia and Australian Industry Group. Unions also welcomed it. Many groups wanted more done but were just pleased that something would finally happen, allowing business and society to plan and act with more assurance about the future. 

But a handful of people in the government decided they knew better — and set about destroying the government unless the NEG was removed. Ultimately this group won. Society and democracy lost.

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