Nine and Seven in Ten’s Dog House

Feel-good TV triumphs over reality trash — and Ten is the one left wagging its tail.

(Image: Nine)

Nine’s night thanks to The Block (1.25 million nationally) and ACA (1.02 million nationally) plus the hour of news (1.28 million) from a weak Seven which again lost despite the hour of news (1.55 million for the 6 to 7pm period) and Home and Away (936,000) from 7 to 7.30pm.

But the night belonged to The Dog House Australia on Ten from 7.30 to 8.40pm — 708,000 — feel-good TV in these days of reality trash (Love Island Australia, 392,000 on Nine) and rip offs (The Cheap Seats on Ten after the doggies with 480,000) and tonight, on Ten, The Bachelorette. It doesn’t have to be much good to better the weak 2021 The Bachelor a month or so ago on Ten.

The Dog House Australia (a Channel 4 format from the UK) underlines how Ten continues to try new ideas that are good TV, cost effective and broaden its viewing base ever so slightly. The Cheap Seats is a step too far and too blatant a rip-off of Have You Been Paying Attention?, another modest-made (local ) idea that is knocking ’em dead (and I know same producers for both programs). Making It Australia was like The Dog House — modest in budget, modest in ambition, but filling a niche.

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