Pete Evans bows out of election race

Has Pete Evans put his political ambitions behind him? Plus: a Santos press release so perfect Angus Taylor wouldn’t change a thing, and more from the Crikey bunker.

(Image: AAP/Steven Saphore)

Thank Evans for that Farewell Great Australian Party Senate candidate Pete Evans, we hardly knew ye. Crikey noticed yesterday that the celebrity chef and conspiracy connoisseur was no longer listed on the team page of Rod Culleton’s party website and that his candidate page on Facebook was gone. We checked in with Evans and he tersely confirmed he was no longer running.

Taylor made It must be great when you’re the minister for emissions reduction and then a major polluter puts out a statement — in this case about being allowed to go ahead with a major gas project — and it’s so in sync with your world view you can’t improve upon it:

Bear this in mind when we get our next round of relentless press gallery grovelling about Morrison’s supposed leadership on climate action — his net zero by 2050 was called an “epic event” by The Australian only this morning.

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