Emergency helicopter rescue after walker plunges into the sea near Scots golf course

A person slipped and fell into the sea sparking an emergency helicopter rescue on Scotland’s coastline.

Rescue teams were called to the scene near Eyemouth Golf Course, in the Scottish Borders, at around 11.05am on Friday, October 22.

Members of HM Coastguard rushed to help the stricken walker who had suffered a leg injury after falling on rocks.

It was soon discovered that the casualty had actually fallen into the water but had thankfully managed to crawl out and raise the alarm.

They were winched to safety by the Coastguard helicopter – Rescue 199 – before being taken to hospital.

A statement from Eyemouth Coastguard said: “Our team was tasked alongside colleagues from Berwick Coastguard to a casualty on the rocks behind Eyemouth Golf Course with a leg injury.

“Once we arrived on scene it quickly became clear that the casualty had been knocked into the water and had managed to drag themselves to safety before shouting for help.

“We administered first aid to the casualty and stabilised their condition until the arrival of an ambulance.

“The casualty was later winched to safety by Coastguard Helicopter, Rescue 199.

“We would strongly advise that you never climb the rocks around our coastline alone.

“If you are injured and fall into the water as happened today, it may be impossible to save yourself and/or raise the alarm. In this instance, the casualty had a very lucky escape.

“Also, carrying a mobile phone in a waterproof case could make all the difference if you need to summon help.

“If you see anyone in danger on our coastline, cliffs or on the water, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.”

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