Australia’s environmental failures go further than net zero

It’s not just our inaction on climate change: our governments’ reluctance to listen to the experts or spend much-needed money on conservation has us doing other kinds of environmental damage too.

(Image: Mitchell Squire/ Private Media)

Australia’s track record on the climate crisis is abysmal. The Climate Council has labelled Australia the worst-performing developed country in the world, ranking last on climate performance and pledges.

But our failures go much further than our lack of international commitments. Australia is the global leader in wildlife extinction, with at least 39 mammals known to have died out. Nineteen Australian ecosystems, spanning Australia’s tropical savannahs to herbfields in the Australian Alps, are collapsing.

Report after report outlines just how badly we’re performing, both federally and at state level. Most recently, the Victorian Auditor General’s Office handed down a scathing assessment of Victoria’s environmental performance.

Keep reading to find out how our government is failing the environment in more ways than one…

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