How the pandemic has turned into good media fluff

As the dominant news story of the last two years fades into memory, how should the media consider COVID and its legacy?

New York Times front page, Sunday May 24 2020
The front page of The New York Times on Sunday, May 24, 2020 (Image: Sipa USA/Richard B. Levine)

There’s a COVID-sized hole that has suddenly popped up in Australia’s journalism. One minute, news about the pandemic was everywhere. Next minute? It’s morphed into metaphorical fish-and-chips wrapping.

Where’s it gone? And what’s going to fill it?

Sure, there’s still the ongoing reporting about case numbers, vaccinations and health orders. But almost without us noticing, COVID-19 has slipped away as the dominant story shaping the journalism of our time as the country shakes off the past two years.

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