Viewers stream in to bolster sinking shows

New show doing terribly in the ratings? Don’t worry, streamers will help fill those numbers out.

Bachelorette Brooke Blurton (Image: Ten)

Nine’s night yet again thanks to The Block, 1.2 million. Hard Quiz and Gruen on the ABC — 830,000 and 916,000 — were the other standouts. America’s Got Talent on Seven — 416,000 — but it did beat The Bachelorette — 348,000 and a disaster.

Bachette did nip past Love Island — 326,000 — which will again pick up viewers from streaming (Love Island on Wednesday a week ago added 240,000 streamers, plus 56,000 viewers in the following week). Bachette added 187,000 streams, 54,000 in week following. Along with The Block (200,000 streams and 20,000 extra), Gruen picked up 134,000 and 88,000.

In Breakfast, Today bounced back in the metros to top Sunrise — 236,000 to 228,000 a day after falling under 200,000. 

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