Brit winner takes home £11.1Million jackpot in lucky Thunderball draw

Lottery winning couple visit UK’s most haunted location

A ghost-hunting couple who won the National Lottery have used their winnings to visit one of the UK’s “most haunted” locations.

Laura Hoyle, 39, and Kirk Stevens, 37, from Nottingham, have been ghost-hunters for years, and said the visit to Nottingham’s Museum of Justice was a “dream come true”

Formerly a courtroom, prison, and police station, the Museum of Justice was voted the most haunted site in the UK by TV programme Most Haunted.

Mr Stevens said: “It was a dream come true… We would never have been able to enjoy an event like this before the win.

“Ask any paranormal investigator what their dream is, and they’d say good equipment and to have access all areas to a venue like the Justice Museum.”

The couple won the Set For Life draw, meaning they will receive £10,000 every month for the next 30 years, on March 1 this year, however it was not until nearly two weeks later that they realised.

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