Bert’s spontaneity a stark contrast to today’s offerings

Compared with the spontaneity seen in Nine’s 100-minute special, modern TV is structured, format-driven and boring.

Bert Newton’s death on Saturday night saw a fast and well-handled reaction from Nine with a 100-minute special last night — 1.082 million national viewers (749,000 in the metros and 333,000 regional). It was a reminder of the paucity of talent on Australian TV these days and the complete drought when it comes to program ideas apart from so-called reality efforts, which are in all respects contrived bits of TV ballet.

Exhibit 1 last night was The Block — almost ended — with 1.519 million viewers nationally. Compared with the spontaneity seen in the Bert Newton special, modern TV is structured, format-driven and boring. There are a couple of people around today who could go down Bert’s route if given the programs by the networks, but they are all cowardly and made so by the ratbags on social media. Bert Newton was entertaining and that is sadly lacking on the whole these days.

Bert Newton’s career will be in contrast to the nonsense Seven starts tonight — a VIP series of Big Brother. A better option will be Parental Guidance on Nine or Have You Been Paying Attention on Ten (ignoring the celebrity version of MasterChef Australia).

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