How many Primogems are needed to unlock Hu Tao in the next Genshin Impact banner?

Genshin Impact will soon rotate their event banners, bringing a rerun for the powerful Pyro DPS, Hu Tao.

Hu Tao’s banner will run for three weeks in Genshin Impact, right up until the close of version 2.2. The full banner details are confirmed, with Sayu, Diona, and the new character, Thoma, featured under Hu Tao.

This article explains how to calculate the wishes and Primogems needed to summon the funeral parlor director herself.

How many wishes will it take to get Hu Tao in Genshin Impact?

Event Wish “Moment of Bloom” – Boosted Drop Rate for “Fragrance in Thaw” Hu Tao (Pyro)!Travelers, stock up on weapons and characters in the event wish to make your party stronger in combat!#GenshinImpact

In the Genshin Impact character event banner, a player’s pity is measured by counting the wishes spent since their last 5-star summon. Pity carries over when banners rotate, and every player gets a 5-star by the time their pity reaches 90.

If a player’s last 5-star summon on the character event banner was a standard banner character, their next 5-star is guaranteed to be the featured character. In this case, that will soon be Hu Tao. Gamers who are in this position can simply subtract their current pity from 90 to see the maximum amount of wishes needed to get Hu Tao.

Banner history with zero pity (Image via Genshin Impact)
Banner history with zero pity (Image via Genshin Impact)

On the other hand, if a player’s last 5-star summon was the featured character, things are a little different. These players have just a 50% chance to get the featured character on their next 5-star pull. Because of this 50-50 mechanic, they may need as many as 180 pulls to get Hu Tao, not accounting for pity.

Once players have calculated the amount of wishes needed to get Hu Tao, finding the Primogem requirement is easy. They can simply multiply the amount of wishes they need by 160, which is the Primogem cost for one wish.

Buying Intertwined Fates with Primogems (Image via Genshin Impact)
Buying Intertwined Fates with Primogems (Image via Genshin Impact)

Fortunately, Genshin Impact’s banners feature a hidden mechanic known as “soft pity.” Once a player’s pity reaches about 75 on the character event banner, their odds of getting a 5-star drastically increase. Therefore, it becomes rather unlikely for a player to need all 90 wishes to get a 5-star like Hu Tao.

Someone simulated 1 billion rolls on genshin’s gacha system and apparently there’s a soft pity system. From your 75th roll onwards, your rate of getting a 5 star increases drastically up to 100% on the 90th roll. So if you’re saving your 5 star pity, stop before the 75th roll.

Genshin Impact players who want to summon Hu Tao should gather as many Primogems as they can in the next few weeks. Players should also remember they can use Stardust and Starglitter in Paimon’s Bargains to get Intertwined Fates.

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