Adorable Scots baby becomes internet sensation with first taste of solid food caught on camera

A cute Scots baby is helping mums around the world introduce their wee ones to solid food.

Little Arla Murray was just beginning to get a taste for solids herself at six-months-old when she was asked to take part in a public information film.

And now her first bites have been shown around the globe.

She has starred in a range of video clips as part of a project led by staff at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, designed to show mums and dads how to prepare solid food and which are best for first foods.

Arla Murray with mum Nicoala
Arla Murray with mum Nicoala

And she was happy to try new food sensations on camera with her dining seen as far away as the United States and New Zealand as well as in Scotland.

Arla’s mum, Nicola Murray, 31, a support assistant in a primary school, said that knowing when to make the move to solids can be a minefield for parents.

She said: “When it comes to weaning, everybody has a different idea of what’s best and there’s lots of conflicting information on the Internet, so it can be really confusing.

“You are terrified in case she chokes on something and that’s natural but I’m pleased to say that she took to solids really well and there were no scary moments.

“But it’s hard if you don’t know where to go and you’re on your own and there’s no-one to show you what to do.”

Nicola used to work with the community dietetic team in North Glasgow and was approached by her former colleague to take part in this exciting project.

She added: “Filming the videos was really good fun. A lot of the food we hadn’t fed Arla before, so it was quite entertaining, but she was brilliant.

“The videos were fantastic, there was information I didn’t know, but it was also really reassuring to have all that information in the one place. I’ve already shared it with my friends and they have really appreciated it.”

And Nicola told parents who might be worried about introducing solids to their baby: “Don’t sit there stuck and panicked and stressed – there is support out there, just make sure you get it from somewhere you trust.”

Dominika Bugajska, a community nutritionist at NHSGGC who has been leading the project, said: “Before COVID, parents and carers were offered face-to-face interactive information sessions called Starting Solids events or Weaning Fayres, aimed to help them prepare for introducing solid foods to their baby when they are around six months of age.

“However, with lockdown, sessions had to be put on hold forcing the team to look at ways they could provide this information to families remotely.”

The revamped NHSGGC Starting Solids web page and the videos provide loads of useful information, including nutrition advice presented by Rachel Green, one of the community dieticians practical nutrition advice and easy cook-along video recipes parents can try for themselves, with the help of community chef Sandra Johnston, an oral health film and a series of fun Tik Tok-style recipe videos families can follow easily.

Dominika added: “Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it might seem and we have all the up to date information you need, right here, in one place.”

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