Australia and the Coal Club are on track to sabotage Glasgow

The PM’s climate plan is a pantomime over a 2050 domestic net zero policy, while the hard work of supporting more coal exports goes on beneath the surface.

(Image: Private Media/Tom Red)

Remember that the Morrison government has a two-part plan in relation to the COP26 conference in Glasgow.

The first part is to ward off complete isolation from Western countries — the purpose behind the pantomime of adopting a meaningless net zero by 2050 target backed by a plan to hope some tech fix shows up to stop global heating. The second is to increase coal exports — which means any international agreement to phase out coal-fired power must be resisted.

That was the logic behind Angus Taylor’s bureaucrats’ efforts to prevent the IPCC recommending phasing out coal-fired power and other fossil fuels. And that’s why Australia joined India, China and Russia in blocking a push at the G20 in Rome by the UK and EU countries to commit to phasing out coal production.

What will Australia and the Coal Club do at COP26? Keep reading.

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