Dancing with the Stars 2021 LIVE tonight – Fans slam Olivia Jade while praising Iman Shumpert’s Queen Night performance

DANCING with the Stars’ Queen Night had viewers slamming Olivia Jade while praising Iman Shumpert.

The YouTuber did a QuickStep to the rock group’s iconic hit, Fat Bottomed Girls and while she was praised by judges, fans had harsher words for her performance.

However, NBA star Iman Shumpert impressed with a strong Paso Doble to the legendary song, Another One Bites The Dust.

Week 7 of the show will see Iman and Olivia alongside contestants including JoJo Siwa, Amanda Klootz, The Miz and more performing.

As of tonight, there are only nine celebs left competing in the show’s 30th season.

Last week, former Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Kenya Moore was eliminated.

DWTS airs Monday’s at 8pm ET on ABC.

Read our Dancing with the Stars live blog below for the latest updates…


    With only one point each to hand out, the judges had to decide where their votes were going to go.

    Carrie Ann and Derek both chose to give their extra point to Iman, while Len and Bruno decided to give Cody a points edge.

    The Miz was the only person in the first group who did not receive an extra point.


    Iman, The Miz and Cody were assigned The Jive and were assigned the Queen classic, Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

    The Miz and Whitney came out first in matching lime green glittering outfits and while the song was still playing, they exited the dance floor.

    NBA star Iman and his pro partner, Daniella, came out in matching blue sequin outfits next.

    Rounding out the first trio, Cody and Cheryl did a jive in an emerald green outfit.


    After each couple performed tonight, the contestants were divided into three groups where they will dance back-to-back.

    Following a duo performs, the next couple in the group will go.

    Once all three perform, the judges have one single bonus point they are able to give out to only one pair.


    Melora and her partner, Artem, did an energetic performance to Killer Queen by the rock band.

    The Bold Type actress had some costars meet her at rehearsals where they declared “every week” Queen week when Melora is around.

    “All hail Queen Melora,” Derek proclaimed during his critique.

    The TV star received 9’s from all four judges – giving her a total of 36 out of 40.


    Cody did an emotional dance in honor of his late best friend.

    Carrie Ann and Len scored the couple an 8 while Derek and Bruno handed out 9’s each.

    In total, Cody and Cheryl received a 34 out of 40 for their Queen performance.


    Cody Rigsby broke down in tears as he opened up about his best friend, Oscar, who passed away at age 28 after losing his battle with addiction.

    His partner, Cheryl, also teared up as she said she is “also an addict” as she is an “alcoholic” – though she is now sober.

    “If he was here, he would be my biggest cheerleader. I want this to be a celebration of Oscar and do him proud,” Cody said.

    The Peloton instructor dedicated his performance to Oscar.

  • ‘SICK’ SUNI?

    Suni did an energetic Paso Doble to We Will Rock You but immediately after she danced, she ran off stage.

    Tyra then revealed that the gymnast was “sick” so had to leave right when the performance was over.

    However, the host confirmed the illness was “not Covid related.”

    Sasha stood there by himself in his best Freddie Mercury costume as Suni was backstage.

    Despite not feeling well, the pair scored an 8 from Carrie Ann, Len and Derek while Bruno gave them a 9 – giving them a total of 33 out of 40.


    Suni Lee and her partner, Sasha, admitted that it was a “surprise, and not the good kind” when they landed in the bottom two last week.

    This week, the pair did the Paso Doble to We Will Rock You.


    Pro dancer Jenna told Jojo she would have to “channel her sexy side” for tonight’s Tango to Queen’s song, Body Language.

    “I don’t think I have that side,” Jojo said to which Jenna replied: “You do, we just have to channel her.”

    Bruno called the set a “supermodel tango” as the pair were “cool and excellent” during their moves.

    The judges praised the performance, with Carrie Ann, Derek and Bruno giving out 10’s with just Len handing out a 9.

    In total, they received a 39 out of 40.


    JoJo Siwa gushed that Queen is her “favorite band” of all time while Freddie is her “favorite artist” of all time.

    “Freddie Mercury has single-handedly changed my life,” she told her partner, Jenna.

    She then explained how Freddie’s quotes have encouraged her to sing live even when she was “insecure” about doing so.


    The Miz was next to perform on Queen Night and got major props from Derek Hough, for his tricky “rise and fall” move.

    Bruno confessed they need to be “more fluid” in his moves, while Carrie Ann agreed and told him to be “less tense.”

    The pair received an 8 from each judge, giving them a total of 32 out of 40.


    While Carrie Ann and Len both gave Jimmie and Emma 9’s each, Bruno and Derek gave the pair perfect 10’s.

    In total, the duo scored a 38 out of 40 – one of the highest scores of the night so far.


    Jimmie was elated to dance to Somebody To Love on tonight’s episode as he crowned the track the “best song ever.”

    He was praised by the judges for the performance, with Derek saying he is a “joy to watch” as a dancer now while previously struggling with his lines.


    Bruno praised Iman for being a “basketball star turned dancer” as he has continued to improve every week.

    Meanwhile, Carrie Ann said there is a “spiritual” aspect of Iman’s performances while Len said they had “attack and attitude.”

    “Last week, you had a dance which suited you very month. And this week, this dance did not suit you,” Len told a disappointed Iman.

    The couple got a 9 from Carrie Ann, a 7 from Len, and 8’s from Derek and Bruno.


    Iman Shumpert did a Paso Doble to the legendary Queen song, Another One Bites The Dust.

    The duo looked amazing in similar red latex outfits with matching leather jackets.

    Prior to their performance, the NBA star admitted he did this show partly for his mom, who is a “huge fan” of the show.

    His mom gave her son props from scoring a 10 from Len last week – which she said is a “sign” he knows he did well.


    Olivia and Val scored a 10 from Carrie Ann, Bruno and Derek.

    However, Len had some harsher words for the internet star and gave the pair an 8.

    In total, the couple got a total score of 38 out of 40.


    Though the judges were thrilled to see Olivia’s QuickStep, many viewers were not as impressed and ripped her performance tonight.


    Olivia Jade was “so excited” for tonight’s Queen-themed episode as she proclaimed the rock group is her “favorite band” of all time.

    She even showed off an album she had dedicated to Freddie & Co.

    The pair did an energetic QuickStep to Fat Bottomed Girls and got a roar of applause from the judges.

    Derek gushed she was “so fun to watch” and added she is “genuine” on the dance floor.


    Amanda Kloots kicked off Queen night however, the panel was disappointed with her performance.

    Len went first and said he was “not impressed” with her efforts this week, while Derek chimed in and agreed.

    While Bruno attempted to give more positive feedback, Carrie Ann said she was “used to seeing more” from The Talk host.

    Amanda, along with her partner, Alan, got an 8 from each judge – which dropped from the weeks prior.


    Amanda and her partner, Alan, did a beautiful jive to the Queen hit, Don’t Stop Me Now.

    The fitness instructor gushed she was “so excited” for the song choice as she often chose that track in her exercise classes.

    Alan stayed true to theme by rocking his best Freddie Mercury mustache.


    To kick off the highly-anticipated Queen night, judges Carrie Ann, Derek, Len and Bruno got in a car to head to the studio.

    They were greeted by host Tyra on the phone during the opening bit.

    After the pre-taped video played, Tyra walked out to a black-and-white checkered suit ensemble.

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