Is the right really pushing for a Trumpian coup?

Today in Side View: designs for a Trumpian coup; what makes jumping spiders so smart; and why Bill Gates (and a lot of journalism) is crap.

Supporters of Donald Trump climb the west wall of the the US Capitol (Image: AP/Jose Luis Magana)


A new book details why the goal of net zero is simply not enough, even if it can be achieved. The level of CO2 in the atmosphere hit a record last year and is rising fast enough that we’ll shoot way past 1.5 degrees of heating. Just a quick reminder that it makes a huge difference if we can’t limit heating to 1.5 degrees but let it go to 2 degrees.

But hey, luckily we have political journalists writing unadulterated drivel like this — which explains how Scott Morrison was motivated to embrace net zero because he bought Bill Gates’ book on Amazon. You might think Morrison had an entire department and a world-leading science organisation to find out the most up to date information about options for dealing with greenhouse emissions, but apparently he goes to Amazon instead. (Just think, both the PMO and the stenographer who transcribed this for the Nine newspapers thought this was a positive story.)

Let’s not forget that Gates’ book is out-of-date and a dud — and completely blinkered as to the political resistance to genuine climate action. So kinda perfect for Scott Morrison, I guess.

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