Morrisons apologises to angry Remainers for ‘non-EU’ chicken labelling

Morrisons has apologised after Remainers threatened to boycott the supermarket chain because they were offended by packaging on chicken that contained “non-EU salt and pepper”.

A Twitter mob accused Morrisons of pandering to Brexiteers by advertising British chicken with non-EU condiments, but the supermarket was only obeying rules originally set by Brussels.

The label reads “Salt and Pepper Chicken Crown. Roast in the bag. Made from British chicken and non-EU salt and pepper”.

The label of a roast in the bag garlic and herb whole chicken states it is made from “British chicken and non-EU garlic and herbs”.

“Tell me Morrisons that this is not real. Your response will dictate whether or not I ever shop at your stores again,” said Lee Williscroft-Ferris, a writer, as the latest twist in the Brexit culture war gained traction on social media.

“It’s annoying but necessary to boycott b******ery. Morrisons joins the list,” tweeted Chris Kendall, an EU official and host of the Cakewatch podcast.

US-owned Morrisons stokes anti-EU hatred,” tweeted “Kristina #FBPE”. “Won’t be going back until this is withdrawn and an apology is issued.”

”Our chicken label is adhering to British packaging regulations, however we will be redesigning it to make it clear this is not a political commentary,” a Morrisons spokesman said.

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