looking back at how Delta fuelled vaccination uptake

Because vaccine uptake infamously wasn’t a race, Australia was slow in securing a solid supply. Time, however, was on our side when it came to stopping COVID fatalities.

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As the Delta variant emerged as the dominant strain of COVID-19 around the world in May this year, pandemic deaths once again started to rise. Studies showed Delta doubled the risk of hospitalisation compared with the previous dominant Alpha variant, while other studies found an increase in fatalities

Pharmaceutical companies had been scrambling to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, and early in 2021 were successful in getting their candidates approved by governments. The UK became the first Western nation to begin vaccinating against the virus — the Queen was one of the first in line for the Pfizer jab in early December 2020 — with the UK, EU and the US ordering millions of doses of the mRNA jab early on. 

The scramble to get doses in arms was in motion. A problem, however, was that Australia hadn’t yet secured a solid supply. 

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