The do’s and don’ts of how to not bore the pants off viewers

VIP Big Brother really needs a firm parental hand to guide it away from our screens.

Shock! Horror! A Shane Warne bombshell on VIP BB last night (Image: Supplied)

I suppose the next “how to” or “don’t do” program from an Australian network (referencing Parental Guidance on Nine) will be something along the lines of how to avoiding watch rotten TV, using as reference points not Love Island or Married at First Sight (both Nine) but the VIP edition of Big Brother which should be renamed Pitts TV.

VIP Big Brother, 552,000, was down a fraction from Monday night and still a waste of valuable TV time. Nine’s Parental Guidance, 780,000, also down from Monday night’s 877,000. Love Island, 256,000 — a third of the audience for Parental Guidance — and even though it gets streamed heavily, the total will still be low. The size of the streams for VIP BB and Parental Guidance will tell us a lot about the use viewers make of BVOD.

Tomorrow morning we’ll get the first overnight and streams figures for the first ep of The Bachelorette which was the lowest opening night so far. It’s up against Love IslandParental GuidanceVIP BB and Hard Quiz and Gruen.

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