the one vital climate solution leaders will avoid talking about

There will be silence on the possibility of transforming the world’s economy, but our lives could be richer for living in smaller, fairer societies.

Boris Johnson COP26 climate emergency
Boris Johnson waits for world leaders at COP26 (Image: AP/Christopher Furlong)

During the much-anticipated COP26 meetings in Glasgow, there will be one necessary climate solution missing from discussions: reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by transforming our economic model.

Instead there will be talk of — and reliance on — risky, yet-to-be-proven-at-the-scale-required technologies and technologies that have not been invented that can save us from the emissions we continue to create in the name of economic growth. There will also be talk of the wonderful “green growth” that investment in renewable energy can generate. Anything, as long as there is growth.

Yet this much-prized economic growth is a key reason why we have released more GHG emissions since the first Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report was released in 1990 than throughout all of human history prior. Despite 25 COP meetings over three decades, our annual global GHG emissions are 60% higher than in 1990.

Can doughnut economics really change the world? Read on.

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