Australian scientist becomes anti-vaxxers’ favourite vaccine maker

Nikolai Petrovsky has raised $300,000 in crowdfunding to apply for his COVAX-19 to be approved, badmouthing other vaccines in the process.

Vaxine’s Nikolai Petrovsky has crowdfunded more than $300,000 to get approval for COVAX-19.

An Australian COVID-19 vaccine maker who has earned the support of anti-vaxxers for his disparagement of other approved shots has crowdfunded nearly $300,000 to apply for his invention to be approved by medical regulators. 

Nikolai Petrovsky is facing being laid off as director of endocrinology from Flinders Medical Centre because of its vaccine mandate. He has refused to take an approved vaccine and is seeking an exemption because he says he’s given himself two doses of COVAX-19, a candidate developed by his company, Vaxine. 

COVAX-19 would be the first and only locally designed vaccine in Australia If approved. More than 16,000 people in Iran are taking part in phase-three trials. The country has issued an emergency permit for the jab, with the head of its medical regulator praising the vaccine’s efficacy against the Delta variant.

Is Petrovsky’s criticism of current vaccines undermining confidence? Read on.

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