‘Too much emotion’ – John Lewis Christmas advert leaves viewers in tears

It’s that time of the year again when John Lewis releases its annual Christmas advert signalling the start of the winter season.

This year the advert has taken an extra-terrestrial twist to the classic Christmas story to the backdrop of Together in Electric Dreams performed by Lola Young.

It starts with a young child spotting spaceship plummet to the Earth while riding the bus home.

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He quickly rushes to the crash site and discovers an alien whose ship has broken down, leaving them stranded.

Because it’s the season to be jolly, the boy decides to teach the alien about the Christmas holiday.

He proceeds to show her a light-up jumped, teach her how to eat mince pies and how to throw have fun throwing snowballs.

The advert shows the family enjoying some quality Christmas time

A few days seem to go by and the alien has fixed up her ship, ready to go home after experiencing the joy of Christmas.

Before leaving, the alien kisses the boy on the cheek and goes on her merry way.

Many on the internet have shared how emotional the advert has made them.

We’ve gathered some of the best Twitter responses to the 2021 John Lewis ad.

How you all reacted to the John Lewis ad

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